Snoopy Pop




A Puzzle Bobble-style game featuring the one and only Snoopy


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Snoopy Pop is a version of the classic Puzzle Bobble starring the most beloved dog in the history of comics. Your goal is to rescue all the Woodstocks in each level that are, unsurprisingly, trapped inside the colorful balls. Who's Woodstock, you ask? Snoopy's little yellow bird friend, of course!

The gameplay in Snoopy Pop isn't all that original, so if you've ever played a game based on throwing colored balls, then you'll know exactly what to do here. Just like in similar games, as you go along, you can unlock new special abilities. When you use these abilities, other characters (like Charlie Brown) can come to help you out.

In Snoopy Pop, there are more than 80 different levels. As you complete them you unlock tons of additional characters, boosters, and other advantages. There are even additional game modes for you to unlock.

Snoopy Pop is an entertaining game that, while not especially original, offers a really fun experience. The visual style of the game is also a real treat, with some amazing cartoons and animations.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.